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Fixing crypto's security vulnerability with quantum technology.

Updated: Dec 6, 2021


The biggest issue with crypto, as far as Peter Kazacos is concerned , is that it’s unregulated, so investors holding coins are most vulnerable to hackers. Peter is the founder of KAZ the technology partner of Quantum Assets (QA), a new digital currency technology company. Peter says QA uses quantum phenomena technology to produce a new class of quantum cryptographic keys. These quantum keys are derived from an actual quantum source, what he calls “quantum tunnelling of electrons”, which is totally unpredictable and entirely random. So, if something is truly random it follows that it cannot be reverse engineered and is theoretically impossible to breach. In other words, the keys to a crypto holding or wallet remain safe. Peter is convinced that this on its own, has the opportunity to change the crypto industry, removing the threat posed by hackers. The next step for Peter is to continue to build out KAZ's technology and make it available to all platforms. Watch the video to know more.

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