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Quantum computing and crypto top questions answered

Quantum computing will be apocalyptic to crypto. Being on the right side of the quantum revolution will mean huge profits for those who back the right projects.

What does the potential disruption of quantum look like for the crypto world?

Quantum computing if left unchecked would be apocalyptic to the crypto world. This is as the cryptography which common chain protocols rely upon to function are ultimately deterministic and algorithm-based. These algorithms whilst complicated are prone to deconstruction by quantum computers which will have the ability to determine patterns and operate in combinations and speeds not currently possible on conventional computing systems. Quantum computing however represents an amazing opportunity for quantum protocols, that is protocols which use quantum technology/computing to operate. Presently, the only project using true quantum technology in crypto is Quantum Assets on the Binance Smart Chain, QA uses actual quantum phenomena, quantum tunneling of electrons to upgrade cryptographic keys to quantum keys and are using that technology to release Quantum Bitcoin.

What are the advantages of quantum that come with riding the potential disruptive side of it?

Having a solution that everyone will need is a wonderful thing. There will be an immense demand for quantum cryptography to protect against quantum computing. Being on the right side of the quantum revolution will mean huge profits and windfalls for those investors who back the right projects. The moon is the limit for those projects that take the quantum threat seriously and innovate solutions to mitigate it. Read the full article to learn more.

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