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  • Engagement of Technology Partner KAZ

  • Quantum System Development

  • Quantum System Testing

  • Quantum Phenomena Testing

  • First Quantum Cryptographic Key Production using Quantum Tunnelling of Electrons

  • First use of Quantum Keys in Cryptocurrency

  • Private Testnet Quantum BTC

  • Private Testnet Quantum ETH

  • Launch of QA Token on Binance Smart Chain

  • Launch of QA on DeFi

  • Partnership with ApeSwap DEX

  • Launch of QA on CeFi

  • Partnership with DigiFinex CEX

Near Term

  • Partnerships with DEXs

  • Partnerships with CEXs

  • Launch Quantum Wallets

  • Public Testnet Quantum BTC

Mid Term

  • Quantum BTC Mainnet Launch

  • Guaranteed Airdrop of Quantum BTC to QA HODLers

  • Public Testnet Quantum ETH

  • Quantum ETH Mainnet Launch

  • Guaranteed Airdrop of Quantum ETH to QA HODLers


  • Development and Launch of more Quantum Protocols

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