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Next Generation
Quantum Protocols

Real quantum computing to upgrade cryptographic keys – creating quantum mirror protocols of popular chains.

Be rewarded for taking part in the biggest upgrade in crypto history.

Quantum Assets delivers a unique reward program to allow the crypto community to be a part of the biggest upgrade in crypto history. Holders of Quantum Assets Tokens (QA) at relevant blocks (time periods) are guaranteed airdrops of new Quantum Assets as they are launched.

QA holders will receive guaranteed airdrops of Quantum Bitcoin. The same applies to all other progressive quantum digital asset launches. You can effectively buy one token to collect them all.

Forget traditional mining and staking, just HODL QA to receive new quantum assets as and when they are launched! 


Quantum Bitcoin

Quantum Assets is set to launch Quantum Bitcoin on its own quantum mainnet. 


Quantum Phenomena

Quantum tunnelling of electrons are used to produce a new class of quantum cryptographic keys.


Quantum Keys

Put simply, quantum keys are unable to be hacked by any computer system quantum or otherwise.


Quantum is

Quantum nodes have a low carbon footprint, we also offset our carbon emissions as to 100%.

Quantum Bitcoin


Quantum Assets is set to launch Quantum Bitcoin on its own quantum mainnet. Quantum nodes guarantee trust on the Quantum Bitcoin Mainnet as the quantum cryptographic keys ensure the fidelity of transactions. Security and trust are guaranteed by the quantum nodes so there is no need for the proof of work mining construct of Bitcoin (which is incredibly energy intensive and ultimately bad for the environment) users instead will have the ability to participate in synthetic mining allowing them to lock up tokens in a vault with associated earn in Quantum Bitcoin.

Quantum BTC will be listed on exchanges when launched as a coin (not a token as it is associated with its own protocol and mainnet) and will be able to be purchased in the ordinary course. Subsequently, more quantum protocols will follow, the next being Quantum ETH.

The Science

The strength of any encryption protocol is primarily dependent upon the cryptographic keys. We use true quantum phenomena to produce quantum cryptographic keys. Quantum keys are derived from an actual quantum source – quantum tunnelling of electrons – which is totally unpredictable and do not have the risks of pseudorandom number generation of conventional computing systems which can be cracked and reverse engineered. Put simply, quantum keys are unable to be hacked by any computer system quantum or otherwise.

Quantum Tunnelling of Electrons

The quantum physics – tunnelling of electrons is a quantum phenomenon in which electrons travel through a barrier which they theoretically should not be able to cross. This tunnelling is both measurable and completely random as there is no way to predict which electrons will pass through the barrier at any instant in time. By digitally measuring this quantum phenomenon we can create truly random numbers which are used to create quantum keys. 

Quantum Keys and Protocols

Quantum keys can be used to produce quantum digital assets. Any digital asset which uses cryptographic keys can benefit from upgrading to using quantum keys. This in turn leads to the creation of a new class of quantum secured protocols. Presently, test networks for Quantum Bitcoin and Quantum Ethereum exist with more quantum secured protocols to follow. A multiverse of quantum mirror protocols each denoted by the prefix Quantum is in the works. Users can expect to be able to use Quantum BTC and Quantum ETH in the near future. 

Quantum Wallets securing 
common chain assets

Many in crypto are familiar with warnings posted on socials “WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR SEED PHRASE! NEVER SHARE YOUR SEED PHRASE OR PRIVATE KEY!” Users go to extreme lengths to protect their seed phrase/private key; but what if it is all for nothing?

A crypto wallet is only as safe as the key that protects it. The keys of current on chain crypto wallets have innate vulnerabilities based on the way keys are generated - the keys they use are ultimately deterministic. Only quantum derived keys are truly random in genesis and unable to be reverse engineered.

By using a Quantum Wallet users can protect their current common chain crypto holdings like BNB, ADA, ETH and BTC in a secure way. This does not vitiate the security vulnerability of the mother protocol (the reason quantum protocols are a necessity) rather Quantum Wallet users can rest assured that the quantum derived keys which protect their wallet cannot be hacked or cracked by any computing system quantum or otherwise.

Abstract Surface

Quantum is eco-friendly

Quantum nodes guarantee trust as quantum cryptographic keys ensure the fidelity of transactions on a quantum network. Quantum networks have no need for proof of work/stake consensus mechanisms of common protocols (which have a large carbon footprint). Quantum nodes comparatively have a very low carbon footprint (in fact we pledge zero carbon emissions for our quantum nodes). In this way, quantum assets are an excellent choice for eco-conscious users.

Coconut Trees

Proof of Trees

Proof of trees is a crypto industry first initiative championed by Quantum Assets. Many in crypto are familiar with proof of burns (made popular by DEXs with high emissions); instead of burning things Quantum Assets will be planting things. Proof of trees = Quantum Assets will be offsetting our carbon footprint as to 100% by donating to charities and projects committed to helping the environment! This initiative is not exclusive to our quantum mirror protocols but is extended to the energy we consume on the Binance Smart Chain and even the energy consumed by this website. We will be posting proof of these donations on our twitter feed so keep an eye out and smash the likes! We hope it gets retweeted far and wide so that others adopt a similar policy. We truly believe every positive action counts in helping the environment.

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