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New quantum security technology used to upgrade the cryptography used by crypto such as BTC & ETH

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Technology pioneer Peter Kazacos OAM, founder of KAZ has teamed up with Quantum Digital Assets Limited to revolutionise the crypto security.

Cue the first crypto to use quantum technology. Quantum Assets Token. Peter Kazacos OAM said, “Quantum Assets on the Binance Smart Chain are the first crypto to adopt KAZ’s quantum technology and are using it to launch Quantum Bitcoin in a bid to ensure the cryptography of Bitcoin remains safe and secure.” Quantum Digital Assets Limited is the corporation behind the recent launch of the Quantum Assets token on the Binance Smart Chain. Quantum Assets is levering KAZ’s core platform quantum technology to launch Quantum BTC and Quantum ETH each on their own Quantum Mainnets, with more protocols to follow in the future.

Quantum Bitcoin is touted as being eco-friendly information contained within the Quantum Assets White Paper suggests “Quantum nodes guarantee trust as quantum cryptographic keys ensure the fidelity of transactions on a quantum network. Quantum networks have no need for proof of work/stake consensus mechanisms of common protocols (which have a large carbon footprint). Quantum nodes comparatively have a very low carbon footprint (in fact we pledge zero carbon emissions for our quantum nodes). In this way, quantum assets are an excellent choice for eco-conscious users.” Read the full article to learn more.

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